Saturday 22 July 2017
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The Smart Way to Shop For Used Cars in Mumbai – Use Truebil

We have all played with toy cars in our childhood and since then, we aspire to own a car. So getting your first car is really special; it is the realization of your lifetime aspirations. But unfortunately sometimes, buying a car may turn out to be a harassing experience. Buying a car is an exclusive purchase that most of us go through once in a lifetime. And with a relentless choice given to the consumers, it becomes very difficult to go for an ideal one.

Used Cars in Mumbai

Your first task is to weigh the pros and cons of both new and pre-owned cars to make an informed decision about which one you want. Once you have decided to go for a used car in Mumbai, your next set of worries begin as to where will be you be able to get certified used cars in a well-fitting budget. But there is nothing to worry about. You will always have Truebil to assist you in getting a good deal.

What led to the birth of Truebil?

The problem that most people face while buying or selling pre-owned cars is that is an extremely time consuming process. Some people are so harassed that they finally give up their hope. Some people are so harassed that they finally give up their hope in reaching a good deal. Truebil, a virtual market for used cars, set up in March 2015, addresses this dispute and has efficiently solved it.

One of the co-owner of the portal had, previous bitter experience in buying a used car that finally put him off motivated him to set up this amazing platform for certified cars. He is sanguine about the development of his business and says that the market for used cars in Mumbai is overpowering the business of new car market. Presently, the demand for used cars is apparently thrice its market expansion, which points to the huge demand for pre-owned cars in the country.

How may Truebil help you to bring home your first car?

In our country, presently the car penetration is lying in a range of 2 percent of people owning private cars. So setting up this trade within a challenging environment has never been easy for Truebil. They try their level best to provide an unrivalled customer service and if you are aspiring to get your first car, Truebil experts are here to guide you.

Choosing the one: Each single car comes with loads of features. Unless you are very thoughtful about which feature you will really need, you may end up paying an unreasonable sum of money for a four-wheeler that definitely looks dashing but fails to meet up your fundamental needs in the first place. Truebil guides their users in selecting a model as per their needs and what they want from the car. If you are clear about your needs, Truebil can definitely help you to select your perfect fit.

Measuring your budget: Having a practical budget is important so that you can make out how much of cash you will be able to pay down and how much is needed to be loaned out.Truebil associates will help you in obtaining loan whenever required and guide you in making a space for a monthly budget required for the maintenance of your pre-owned car.

Doing your research: With the online market infested with loads of frauds, it becomes very difficult to find a trustworthy dealer.Truebil comes as a one-stop solution to all these hazards as they know what exactly your chosen car is and help you to get the value for money.

Truebil is dedicated to offer a way out that empowers a prospective buyer or a seller to finalize a transaction seamlessly. They help the people right from the process of selection to inspection along with obtaining loan or insurance. For the past three years, the business of used cars has been growing by 20 percent and if it continues to develop in this pace through 2020, the pre-owned car market would witness at least 10 million cars sold every year. So the business is expanding at such a rate that for each brand new car sold in the country, three pre-owned four wheelers get sold. The biggest USP of Truebil is their unmatched customer service that allows a quick and hassle free transaction. They have risen to such a prominence that they are now looking for to expand their business to other major cities of the country.