Saturday 22 July 2017
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Securing the ATV for Better Shipping Experience

The All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is usually a kind of transport that many people would find difficulty to ship because of its bulkiness and form. You may have a hard time finding for the reliable company that will provide ATV Shipping NOW, but with good research process, you can land on agents and companies that will do the job right.


When you transport the ATV in an enclosed vehicle or a trailer, it is best to minimize the buildup of gasoline vapors. During the preparation for transport, you can turn off the valve that contains the fuel. In order to drain the fuel line, you can run the engine until the time it stops.

If you are planning to ATV Shipping NOW at a longer distance, it is advisable that you drain the fuel tank. Safety and security is very important such that after the fuel has ran out of the tank, secure the entire vehicle by leaving the tank and valve venture closed in order to avoid leakage of gas vapors.

ATV for Better Shipping Experience

Winter Salts

Winter is the time of the year when roads are much risky. Most people try to avoid this season especially when transporting any kind of vehicle from one destination to another. Salts are abundant on roads during winter to de-ice the snow build up. Salt is a corrosive material that can damage your ATV. In order to prevent corrosion, spray silicone water dispersant on the suspension and brakes. Once you have reached the destination, rinse the dispersant with water. You can attach salt shield stop protect the ATV covers.

Securing the Transport

The transport of the ATV is the most crucial process. First and foremost, you need to position the vehicle at the centered right behind the trailer’s axle. In this position, the trailer will be balanced out to decrease the weight on the hitch.

Aside from this, you can also do the following if you are going to ATV Shipping NOW:

  • Strap the front and the back of the ATV on both sides. If you cannot get four straps, try not to go less than three straps to hold the vehicle right.
  • Once strapped, shake the ATV. If it barely moves, then the straps were tightly attached.
  • Do not allow any excess strap or other stuff hanging around the ATV. This might cause accidents or might even loop into other stuff that could strangle the ATV.

Author Bio: James Shereris a seasoned vehicle transport broker who can securely ship your ATV and other vehicles to your new location safely and securely. You can check his services provided in this site