Saturday 22 July 2017
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Find your perfect motor in Worcestershire

Are you looking for cars for sale Worcestershire? There are many reputable dealers waiting to help you secure the right kind of vehicle for your needs if this is the case. Buying brand new can be a good move as you’ll be able to pick the exact spec and relax in the knowledge that you’re the car’s very first owner, but if you do wish to save money and still have years of great motoring ahead of you, you may well wish to explore the second-hand route. More and more drivers are buying used cars in order to avoid the vast depreciation drop seen by most cars after just twelve years on the road.

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Look at the car’s past

It’s important to learn as much about a car’s past as you can before you sign on the dotted line. Check the paperwork to make sure the car has been serviced regularly. If it’s more than three years old, it should have undergone annual MOT testing too. Ask as many questions as you need to. Why not run a car history check if you require further peace of mind? This will tell you whether the car has ever been reported stolen or involved in a crash.

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Why not ask for advice?

If you’re new to the world of second-hand cars and don’t quite know where to start, why not ask a more experienced relative or friend to guide you around the market? When you go out to view a car, make sure you’re doing so in dry and light conditions where faults can’t be obscured. Buy from a dealer and you’ll get the valuable protection of the Sale of Goods Act. This makes things easier for you if you do need to return a car after finding a fault that wasn’t pointed out to you earlier.

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