Saturday 22 July 2017
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Find a quality used car in Nottinghamshire

quality used cars Nottinghamshire are easier to find than you think, so why not see what your local dealer has to offer if you do need to purchase a second-hand car that you can rely on? Buying from a dealer rather than a private seller can be wise as you’ll get valuable protection from the Sale of Goods Act, which makes it generally much easier to return a car if you later find a problem that wasn’t pointed out to you before you agreed to a purchase.

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Strike a great deal

You can save a great deal of money by heading down the second-hand route. More and more drivers are seeing great new cars hit the forecourts and waiting a few years for them to reach the second-hand market. If you do want to buy a second-hand car but don’t quite know where to start, why not consider asking a more experienced family member or friend for help?

Explore its history

Always take time to read the paperwork before you hand over your cash. Ensure the car has been taken in for regular servicing. You may well wish to run a quick history check for extra peace of mind. Doing so will tell you whether the car has ever been reported stolen, and whether  it’s still got outstanding finance on it. It will also inform you whether it has ever been in a crash. It’s usually safer to buy from dealers as opposed to private sellers as you’ll get valuable protection from the Sale of Goods Act, which makes it relatively easy to return cars that turn out to have faults. Always ask as many questions as you feel you need to.

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