Saturday 22 July 2017
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Don’t Miss On These Three Points For Buying Car Insurance

Insurance is a form of service, and if you are shopping for service, you have to check for the right things. Auto or car insurance is essential and compulsory, and yet, most of the buyers and car owners don’t really think of it as a cover. Car insurance can be both comprehensive and collision based. If you are getting insurance against collisions only, you will get paid for such damages only, while comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle for all kinds of unexpected damages. Depending on your needs, you can start looking for options. Here’s a little list for getting car insurance in the Philippines.


  • First things first, check with the insurer for the kind of policies they offer. More often than not, insurance companies are looking to push sales, and all those ads about competitive quotes may not be what it seems. There are many cases, where customers have been forced to take a policy, without even understanding the varied kinds of terms and conditions.
  • Some of the companies don’t really deal with older cars, and there may be a few exceptions. In general, most of the private vehicles don’t get new insurance after 10 years, but this doesn’t always apply to all cases. You can renew the existing insurance for older cars, but new insurance may be tough. Companies generally check some of the things like condition of the car, whether it has been reconditioned, and so on. For commercial vehicles, insurers generally don’t offer new insurance policies after 8 years, subject to evaluation and other conditions.


  • If you are looking for standard insurance, there are many websites that can come handy and offer all the details you need. You can compare insurance services and check for the rates and costing in a clear and concise way. It is wise to consider car insurance as a good way for protection on the road for the vehicle and your loved ones, and hence, the idea shouldn’t be about cheap quotes alone.

If you haven’t seen a policy, don’t rush on signing the papers. Take your time to evaluate the pros and cons, and depending on the kind of advantages you have, you can make the choice. Comparison should be unbiased and easy, and as needed, you can even seek assistance from friends and family. Typically, most comparison sites will allow you to check all the things you need, including user reviews.